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Interior Exterior in London is our main painting decorating offer. In order to achieve the best look of painted areas, we need to start with the basics.
Surface preparation includes:
– protecting floors, furniture, electrical fittings (switches, sockets, etc.), curtains and other elements of decorated area against dirt and dust,
– filling up the cracks and holes, rubbing the surface down and removing any dust,
– drying up any stains or damp and using stain blocker afterwards,
– covering doors, windows, handles, hinges and panes before painting.
Subsequent to the preparation, the surface can be painted.
First coat is laid down by primer, for the next one we use undercoat, then there are at least two coats of top coat. The number of top coats depends on the condition of plaster or wood.
We use decorating tools of the highest quality, as we want to achieve the best result.
Our clients decide what type of paints we apply, however, we recommend using the superior ones, such as: Fired Earth, Farrow & Ball or Dulux Trade.
Wallpapering is the art which requires a lot of experience.
Decorators Of London knows how to hang them properly and guarantees the satisfaction of the end result.
Decorators Of London offers consultation services in regard to choosing colors or brands of paints, as well as wallpapers.
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